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Master Gaming League was founded after the success of hosting FIFA events at home. With 4 screens in various rooms, 20-30 people would attend my monthly event to play and compete in this popular game. This became a great social occasion and brought people together with a shared passion in order to socialise and take some timeout to relax and play. This event escalated in popularity and required a bigger venue.

Our team of experienced gamers are passionate about bringing live gaming tournaments to South London, making them accessible for everyone to enjoy. All levels of gamers are welcome to enter MGL events, whether you are participating in the tournament or immersing yourself in the social gaming environment, we guarantee fun at all our events.


Live Gaming Tournaments in South London


 Not Just For The Gamers

Live Gaming Tournaments in South London not just for the gamers

Not everyone wants to play. Some people like to watch and support their friends taking part in our tournaments. We do have tickets available for spectators to enjoy the atmosphere of gaming.

 Bringing The Gamers Together

Live Gaming Tournaments in South London bringing gamers together

We want to bring gamers our of the box and bring them face to face with fellow gaming competitors for evenings of great events. Meet like-minded people and bring your game to improve your gaming skills.

 All Skill Levels

All gaming levels welcome at our Live Gaming Tournaments in South London

We encourage gamers of all levels to join out tournaments. We offer a fair playing field and will make sure you have a change against more experienced players to help you up your game.



 PC gaming in the future for Live Gaming Tournaments in South London


With aims to expand in the future, there are so many ways forward. MGL is looking to broaden the scope of games played at our events to reach a wider audience. This is also to vary the games for the regular players, to encourage diversity, discover new talent and attract more interest.
Simultaneously, this is a great way for new games to launch interest in their product as we expose it to our players.




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Live Games Tournament  in South London and Bromley

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